Thursday, April 18, 2024

Trump Allies Invoked the 5th When Asked to Provide Proof to Back Up Stolen Election Claims

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I know you’re going to be shocked to discover that people in Trumpland lied to you, to each other, to judges, to television anchors and newspapers, to everyone about your votes.

They lied to everyone about your votes and they knew that they had no proof.

“Not a single witness — nor any combination of witnesses– provided the Select Committee with evidence demonstrating that fraud occurred on a scale even remotely close to changing the outcome in any State,” the executive summary of the January 6th Committee report reads on page 16.

Rudy Giuliani admitted to the Committee that in spite of his public claims that Dominion voting machines stole the election, “I do not think that the machines stole the election.”

Other Trump lawyers and supporters invoked the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination when asked to provide proof that the election had been stolen, including Jenna Ellis, John Eastman, Phil Waldron, and Michael Flynn.

While this fact might seem obvious given that they lost every single court challenge but one, and that case was not about finding fraud but rather reducing the time voters in Pennsylvania had to fix an error on their ballot, it should be established knowledge that they filed over 60 lawsuits that lacked merit.

Those lawsuits lacked evidence. There was no evidence that your votes shouldn’t count. Yet they tried to get votes thrown out so Donald Trump could steal an election he lost, and many of his radicalized followers still believe to this day that he won that election.

Nothing says love of country like trying to disenfranchise millions of voters. And that is exactly what all of these Trump lawyers and allies were doing, knowingly. They knew they had no evidence but they still sought to have your votes nullified in an un-American effort to seize power.

The DC Bar’s Board on Professional Responsibility found Rudy Giuliani violated ethics rules by making false 2020 election claims and should be held liable for professional sanctions precisely because he did not have evidence of fraud BEFORE he filed his lawsuits.

We discussed the stunning lack of evidence upon which Rudy Giuliani’s girlfriend felt comfortable working to steal votes from The People on a large scale on the PoliticusPod a few days ago.

The entitlement to try to toss out millions of votes based on lies is shocking and should be criminal. If there isn’t a penalty paid, it’s essentially a green light to anyone lacking moral fiber and patriotism to just try to steal elections from The People.

Shame on everyone involved in Trump’s baseless plot to steal votes, which fed into and led up to the Trump terrorist attack on January 6th. Lies have consequences. We saw that with the attack on Paul Pelosi, and we saw it with the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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