Thursday, July 25, 2024

Trump Appears To Be Spending Most Of His Day In Court Asleep

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Donald Trump can’t seem to stay awake during his trial, and multiple reporters have noted that Trump is asleep or has his eyes closed for long periods of time.

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Norm Eisen posted:

Trump is fast asleep

— Norm Eisen (#TryingTrump out now!) (@NormEisen) May 20, 2024

Anna Bower posted that the trend of Trump either asleep or with his eyes closed continued until the lunch break:

Trump is fast asleep

— Norm Eisen (#TryingTrump out now!) (@NormEisen) May 20, 2024

Trump sleeping in court has become a regular occurrence. There has been unproven speculation that the ex-president is under some form of sedation, but it is more likely that Trump, who had two campaign events in the last few days is simply old, tired, and lacking energy.

If there is no medical reason for why Trump keeps going into periods of slumber that is a worse outcome for Republicans than if the former one term president was drugged, because it suggests that there is no underlying cause for Trump’s napping. It would be more likely that he lacks the energy and physical stamina to be active.

Donald Trump is showing through his snoozing that he may be too physically unfit to be president. If a person can’t stay awake while sitting in a courtroom all day, they can’t be expected to hold the most powerful and important job in the world.

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