Trump Blames Rhianna Super Bowl Halftime Show For Nation’s Decline

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Trump’s big takeaway from the Super Bowl was that the nation is in decline because of things like Rhianna’s halftime performance.

Rhianna’s Super Bowl halftime show:

Rihanna’s full Superbowl Halftime Performance

— 🎥 (@megsmedia) February 13, 2023

Trump posted on his social media platform, “EPIC FAIL: Rihanna gave, without question, the single worst Halftime Show in Super Bowl history — This after insulting far more than half of our Nation, which is already in serious DECLINE, with her foul and insulting language. Also, so much for her “Stylist!””

Rhianna’s halftime show followed the NFL’s now standard format. It was a big and showy run-through of her hits. The nation should be thankful that the NFL has finally gotten over the conservative backlash from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and is once again featuring artists that aren’t solely oldies acts. Since Trump is a stale oldies act who is jealous of anyone else getting attention, of course, he had a problem with the Super Bowl halftime show.

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Rhianna hasn’t performed in four years, and her baby announcement made her Super Bowl performance an event.

Trump is really upset about a black woman being the featured performer on the US’s most-watched television show of the year. It wasn’t Rhianna that got Trump so worked up, but the fact that she is a reminder that white men like Trump aren’t entitled to every single spotlight.

America’s demographic shift continues to march forward, and the conservative movement doesn’t like the fact that their white male-dominated membership is being slowly, too slowly many would say, removed from their position of power and authority.

Donald Trump’s attack on Rhianna’s performance was a dog whistle to those who want to keep women and every other minority out of power. Trump only has one play in his playbook is to fan the flames of outrage while dividing the nation.

The schtick is tired, and if Republicans stick with it, they will continue to lose elections.

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