Trump Brags About His Crowd Size At A Train Derailment

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For all of those people who think that Trump went to East Palestine because he cares about people, the former president bragged in an interview about his crowd size at the train derailment.


Trump says he had a bigger crowd size in E. Palestine than Pete Buttigieg: “He came the next day and played to very small crowds.”

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) February 24, 2023

Trump said of Pete Buttigieg visiting the next day, “He was supposed to be there, and he decided not to come, and he came the next day, and he played to very small crowds.”

Donald Trump sees a train derailment in the same context as a political rally. Trump was only worried about how much media attention he could get and his crowd size.

The Secretary of Transportation did not come to East Palestine for a political rally. Buttigieg wasn’t there for a photo-op. There is an ongoing federal investigation into the derailment and the handling of the crisis.

People who praise Trump for visiting ignore that the failed former president doesn’t care about the people of East Palestine or that an environmental disaster has been unleashed on an entire area.

All Trump cared about was that people came out to love him. His parting words to a poisoned community were to tell them to have fun.

Trump went to East Palestine to exploit the situation and feed his ego. It will be the Biden administration who will be doing the hard work and holding Norfolk Southern accountable.

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