Saturday, June 22, 2024

Trump Hosted A New Year’s Eve Party At Mar-a-Lago And It Was A Disaster

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Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve party featured Trump ranting about airports, wars, and how America is terrible without him.


Trump brings in the New Year by getting the festivities going with a positive, uplifting message. Greatest party host ever!

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) January 1, 2023

There is no point in quoting Trump in the video above because, just like that one relative who always tells the same stories that get more absurd with each passing holiday, Trump went off on a rant about wars, nuclear weapons, airports, and how people couldn’t fly from New York to Florida. He claimed that America was a third-world country and generally seemed like he would be happy living somewhere else, which he probably can’t do, or the DOJ will come back and seize his passport for being a flight risk.

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Donald Trump just can’t let 2020 go. Every single day, he wakes up in the morning knowing that he is a loser, and not even being surrounded by an adoring crowd of wealthy cultists can distract him from the fact that he is not a winner.

No matter how you spent New Year’s Eve, at least you were not at Mar-a-Lago.

If Trump’s New Year’s Eve remarks were a preview of his campaign message to the nation, Republicans will be completely destroyed in 2024.

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