Trump Is Desperate And Now Supporting Mail-In Voting

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After telling Republicans for years not to vote by mail, Trump has changed his mind and now supports mail-in voting.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

After years of assailing early voting, Donald Trump is having a change of heart.

The 2024 presidential candidate remains critical of various forms of early voting, advisers say, but his campaign is nonetheless mounting an effort to pursue such votes after Democrats excelled at doing so in recent elections. His team is studying state laws governing absentee and mail-in voting as well as ballot collection, called “ballot harvesting” by critics, in which third parties gather and turn in votes, people familiar with the effort said.

The problem for Trump and the Republican Party is that they have convinced many of their voters not to vote by mail, so it is not as if a switch can be flipped and Republicans will forget everything they have been told about mail-in voting since 2020. The damage has been done.

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Trump is changing course because he is going to need every vote that he can get in every way that he can get in the Republican primary to beat Ron DeSantis. Trump never believed the BS about mail-in voting being fraud, but now he has launched an entire group of elected Republican election deniers, who ironically want to cut down or end mail-in voting.

After election denial didn’t work, Trump now wants Republicans to vote by mail.

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