Trump Is In A World Of Hurt As Michigan Fake Elector Flips

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James Renner, who was a Trump fake elector charged with multiple felonies has flipped and signed a cooperation agreement with the Michigan Attorney General.

NBC News reported:

A copy of the cooperation agreement with Renner, obtained by NBC News, shows he promised to “cooperate fully” with the attorney general’s office on October 10, agreeing to testify at trial and key hearings if called, and provide investigators with “any and all relevant documents.”

The document indicates Renner promised to provide information connected to the key Dec. 14, 2020, meeting where the fake elector certificates were signed.

Specifically, Renner has agreed to provide information related to Renner being called and asked to appear at Michigan Republican Party headquarters, appearing at MIGOP Headquarters and attending a meeting for the “Republican Slate,” as well as Renner identifying leaders of the meeting and other attendees, signing the “2020 Republican Slate” document and circumstances regarding him walking to the Capitol on December, according to the document.

Renner will provide vital information because the fake elector plot did not begin and end with the state Republican Party. The fake elector plot was being run by the Trump campaign. Just like in Georgia, Michigan AG Dana Nessel is working her way up the conspiracy chain.

It is unknown if Michigan will follow Georgia and the United States government in indicting Trump and members of his campaign.

The next big Trump-related criminal prosecution looks to be taking shape in Michigan.

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