Trump Is Out Of Control And Indirectly Attacking Mar-a-Lago Employee Who Flipped On Him

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Trump is claiming that testimony from his own employees that he tried to have the Mar-a-Lago security footage deleted is not true as he is basically claiming that his employees are lying while blaming Jack Smith.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

The Security Tapes from Mar-a-Lago that evil and sinister prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, “leaked” or otherwise stated were deleted or altered were, in fact, NOT deleted or altered. It was a Fake Story put out by the government THUGS. Those tapes were openly handed over, without protest or litigation, and then the “Deranged One” makes me look as bad as possible. The whole case is FAKE because I come under the Presidential Records Act. Biden or Pence did not!

Donald Trump still doesn’t know what The Presidential Records Act is. He continues to falsely state that the Presidential Records Act gives him the ability to do whatever he wants with presidential records when the opposite is the case. The law actually requires him to protect and turn over presidential records. It does not allow him to steal government documents.

Trump was trying to avoid being accused of witness tampering by attacking Jack Smith, but what he is disputing is the testimony of the IT worker who recanted his testimony once he got a lawyer not funded by the ex-president that Trump wanted the video footage at Mar-a-Lago deleted.

The idea that getting booked and having his mugshot taken in Georgia was a good thing for Donald Trump has quickly evaporated.

The former president is out of control and lashing out in all directions as he continues to try to convince the nation that everyone is lying but him.

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