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Trump Is Panicking Because Aileen Cannon Might Get The Boot

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Trump is in a panic and accusing Special Counsel Jack Smith of intimidating Judge Aileen Cannon. He appears worried that Cannon may be tossed off the classified documents case.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Crooked Joe Biden and his crew of Hacks and Thugs, led by Merrick Garland and Deranged Jack Smith, are working overtime to try to illegally intimidate and harass respected Federal Judge Aileen Cannon. They are calling her terrible names, wrongfully threatening her with Impeachment, and disrespecting her, all because they want her to act like the dishonest, politically biased, and conflicted Judges in New York, and not like the fair and impartial Judge that she is. These Persecutors are using Third World tactics in a corrupt ploy to “play the ref.” However, no matter how hard he tries, Deranged Jack Smith will never be Coach Bobby Knight, a Basketball Legend for all time, who led the last undefeated team in College Basketball. Coach Knight would always “play the refs,” but not to change the last call, to change the next one.

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The Weaponization of Law Enforcement, the Harassment of Fair Judges, and rampant Election Interference cannot be allowed to continue. We have to end the Witch Hunts, win the most important Election in our History on November 5th, and Make America Great Again!

Trump is clearly worried that Jack Smith is going to appeal to the 11th Circuit to have Cannon kicked off of the classified documents case. Aileen Cannon is the only reason that Trump is about to go to trial for the theft and keeping of classified materials next month.

Cannon has been walking the line in her recent rulings trying to make sure that she doesn’t give the Special Counsel the justification that he needs to make a motion to the appeals court to seek her removal.

Trump seems to know that Aileen Cannon is all that is standing between himself and a potential felony conviction on the classified documents case so he is doing everything that he can to protect “his” judge.

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