Thursday, July 25, 2024

Trump Is Trying to Get Jack Smith Held in ‘Contempt’ for Doing His Job

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Special Counsel Jack Smith is doing his job, which means that former president Donald Trump is not happy. In a motion filed Thursday, Trump lawyer John Lauro called for Jack Smith to be held in contempt for an “unlawful” production of discovery.

Trump’s legal team is currently trying to “grind DC election interference trial to a complete stop, Trump’s team wants the special counsel to be held in contempt for providing discovery material and filing motions even when deadlines have been temporarily lifted,” NBC News reported Thursday.

Trump’s legal team is seeking to delay the scheduled March 4, 2024 trial until 2026, while also claiming Trump can’t be prosecuted because trying to overthrow an election while president was part of his duties as president of a democratic country.

“Even though Judge Chutkan’s order explicitly stated that she may ‘retain’ deadlines if (when) she gets jurisdiction back, and the Trump team wants lawyers held in contempt for sticking to the original schedule on filings and sending the Trump team more discovery,” reporter Ryan J. Reilly highlighted on Twitter.

However, the order “made clear that the deadlines were merely ‘held in abeyance’ rather than permanently vacated and noted that the purpose of the stay was for the benefit of Trump’s team.

Furthermore, “There was nothing in the order that barred federal prosecutors from continuing to proactively provide discovery or file motions even though the deadlines were lifted.”

In other words, Jack Smith is doing his job and Donald Trump, who claims to be the “law and order” candidate, seeks to hold him in contempt for it.

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