Trump Looks One Step Closer To Death In New Interview

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Donald Trump did another taped and managed conservative media interview, and in this one, it looks like the strain of 91 felony counts is weighing on him.


Trump says “the country’s finished” if Biden wins a second term and lies that “everything worked” when he was president (he said the same things about Biden in 2020)

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 6, 2024

There is no point in transcribing the clip because it was the usual Trump. The country is finished if Biden wins. Everything worked great when Trump was president. It is all the same stuff that he repeats to his fans on a daily basis.

Trump has been predicting that the economy, which is setting modern records, would crash under Biden since the 2020 election. None of this is new or true. In a taped and heavily edited interview that partially aired on Fox News on Sunday, Maria Bartiromo said that Trump told her that he expects inflation to spike because of tensions in the Red Sea.

It is all just Trump hoping for bad things to happen to America.

What is noticeable in the Newsmax interview is how in decline Trump appears to be. Biden is a few years older than Trump but looks younger than the former president. Nikki Haley has made Biden not surviving a second term one of her main campaign talking points.

Trump might not make it to Election Day.

If age is going to be a serious issue in the 2024 campaign, then we need to take a hard look at Donald Trump because things are not looking good.

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