Trump Loses Appeal So Mike Pence And Other Aides Must Testify In Jack Smith Probe

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A federal appeals court has denied Trump’s request to block Mike Pence and other top Trump aides from testifying in the Special Counsel investigation.

The ruling:

JUST IN: A federal appeals court panel has rejected Trump’s bid to block top aides from testifying to special counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 investigation.

Several close Trump advisers are the subject of this order, which was part of a rushed series of overnight filings.

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) April 4, 2023

It took one week for Trump to lose his appeal after a federal judge ruled that Mike Pence and other Trump aides could not dodge the subpoena from Special Counsel Jack Smith.

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While all of the attention is rightly focused on the circus that is unfolding in Manhattan as Trump is about to be arraigned and his indictment unsealed, the ruling by the federal appeals court is a reminder that the Department of Justice continues to grind away in their investigation of Trump for the 1/6 attempted coup, and for the former president’s theft of classified documents.

Trump is obsessed with Alvin Bragg and Manhattan, but Jack Smith and the DOJ are circling the former one-term president. The Special Counsel investigation is moving quickly, and if Trump is federally indicted, it could make whatever else is out there look small.

The Manhattan case isn’t the end. Alvin Bragg’s case is only the beginning of what could be the downfall of Trump, his business, and the remainder of his political career.

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