Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Trump May Have A Huge Mark Meadows Problem

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Trump’s lawyers were unaware that Mark Meadows was testifying, as the former chief of staff has been out of contact with Donald Trump.


CNN reported:

He was Trump’s chief of staff, meaning he had proximity to Trump and access to high-level conversations, as well as a unique knowledge of his well-being, his mental state, his actions, both on January 6th leading up to January 6th, as well as when he left office in January of 2021.

This is a position that everyone wanted to know what he was going to say and when it was that he was going to testify. There has been very little insight. I talked to a number of lawyers close to Trump’s legal team who said they had no idea what Mark Meadows’ level of cooperation was in this investigation, in these investigations. Because, as we said, we do not know which grand jury or if it was both he testified in front of.

But we know that he would be considered a critical witness to both of them. So, it is very interesting position that we find ourself in. I cannot tell you, we did a long deep dive into Mark Meadows just two weeks ago about what he he been doing, and the Trump team was largely unaware, and that led to a lot of speculation about cooperation, a lot of questions about what his testimony might actually look like. And he himself is not in touch with the former president.

None Of This Sounds Good For Trump

Trump’s lawyers didn’t know that Meadows was testifying. The lawyers also didn’t no how much Mark Meadows was cooperating. Mark Meadows is no longer speaking to Trump.

All of that sounds like a witness who may have flipped on the former president.

It never ceases to amaze how loyal some of the Trump inner circlers are until they are threatened with the possibility of criminal charges.

If prosecutors got anything useful out of Mark Meadows that could be another step toward Trump ending up at minimum becoming a convicted felon.

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