Trump Melts Down Because He Can’t Afford Fraud Bond

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Supposed billionaire Donald Trump melted down on his social media platform because he can’t afford the $454 million fraud judgment bond.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

This outrageous “Judgment” simply fails to recognize the COMPLETE VICTORY last year on the Statute of Limitations. The Crooked Judge and Biased Attorney General disregard the Appellate Court ruling, which makes clear that most of the claims fall outside the Statute of Limitations, and none of their absurd arguments change that fact.

Biased, Crooked, and Incompetent Judge Engoron, who should NEVER have presided over this case, completely ignored the fact I ALREADY WON most of this case in the first Appeal. Applying the proper Statute of Limitations wipes out @ $350 Million of the Judgment!! But they do not care about the Law, the facts, or anything, but tying up my money, and interfering in the Election!! This case should be OVER, but instead, the Attorney General wants to abuse her power to steal my money!!

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Trump is admitting that he is a fraudster but that the statute of limitations expired, so he should be allowed to get away with decades of fraud.

What the former president’s response tells us reveals that he does not have the money to post the fraud bond.

Trump’s claim that Attorney General Letitia James is trying to steal his money is funny because Trump’s entire problem at the moment is that he doesn’t have enough money to pay the bond. Apparently, James is trying to steal money that he doesn’t have.

Donald Trump is trying to get a stay on the bond deadline, but that isn’t going to work. Trump has until Monday to either come up with $454 million or the state will begin the process of seizing his property. No bonding company will give Trump the money, and no conservative billionaire has offered to cut him a check.

So it looks like the former president is about to be punched in the wallet.

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