Trump Melts Down In New Hampshire In First Speech After Tape Leak

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Donald Trump attempted to campaign in New Hampshire, but his remarks quickly turned into an unhinged meltdown.


Trump said, “Stop the Marxist prosecutors who release rapists and murderers persecuting conservatives and people of religion Catholics. How about Catholics? How would the Catholic ever vote for Joe Biden when there’s actually an assault on Catholics? I mean, I don’t know how many Catholics or who’s a Catholic in this room. How would anybody as a Catholic because specifically Catholics are targeted by the FBI and the DOJ? And then you’re supposed to vote for Joe Biden. It doesn’t make sense. I will direct a completely overhauled DOJ to investigate every radical district attorney and DA.   Attorney Generals all over the country. They’re crooked as hell. A lot of them are really bad, they said one in New York with me. I will get this one in New York campaigned against me. I will get Donald Trump.”

Trump was never the most stable person, but his speeches have become even more meandering and unstable than before. Trump went on a rant about Biden and Catholics, which then transitioned into his pledge to get revenge on the DOJ for filing charges against him with no transition. The transcript is not a mistake. Trump starts with the word stop like he is reading from his teleprompter and missing words.

The leak of the audio tape where Trump confesses to stealing classified documents isn’t doing what he thought. Trump seems to be under the belief that the tape would clear him, but it only is serving to confirm his guilt in the minds of many.

This unstable shell of a person is what Ron DeSantis and more than ten other Republicans are losing to in a presidential primary.

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