Trump Melts Down Over Not Being Able To Rig His Own Trial

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Trump was bordering on incoherent as he angrily spoke outside of the courthouse after jury deliberations ended for the day.

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Trump said:

It’s a Biden and witch hunt, it’s weaponization. So it seems that there are a lot of witnesses, a lot of people that they could have called that they didn’t call now they didn’t call them obviously because they would have been very bad witnesses for them. But take a look at the list because of the gag order. I won’t go down into individual names but you have a lot of big players, very big players that would have solved their problem or actually would have given us the win. We already have the win. We, if we had a fair judge, this case would have been over a long time ago, but a lot of key witnesses were not call, look at your list, look at the players and you know who I’m talking about. You can take five or six of them. Why didn’t they call as witnesses? They didn’t call them because they would have been on our side.

And it’s a shame and in particular one witness who is now suffering gravely because of what’s happened because of the viciousness of these thugs, the vicious people, what they’ve done to that person and you know who I’m talking about and they didn’t call him as a witness. They didn’t call anybody as a witness and all these people they could have called and solved the problem. The other thing is nobody knows what the crime is there. No crime. Nobody knows what the crime is. The DA didn’t name the crime. I don’t know what the crime is. That’s what the problem is. It’s a disgrace. This thing ought to be ended immediately. The judge ought to end it and save his reputation.


Trump is irate that the prosecution would not call Weisselberg to testify because Trump paid him off not to cooperate, “They could have called that they didn’t call now they didn’t call them obviously because they would’ve been very bad witnesses for them.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) May 29, 2024

Trump was talking about Allen Weisselberg who he is paying a $2 million severance package to on the condition that he never cooperate with authorities. Trump has essentially caught and killed Allen Weisselberg’s story.

Of course, Trump wants the man he paid off to testify. By paying off witnesses, Donald Trump could rig the trial, so that he wins.

Trump’s method of operation has been cheating or rigging things so that he wins. Trump wasn’t able to rig the trial, so he is livid, and frankly not making any sense, because he has finally run into something that he can’t buy off or control that may hold him accountable.

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