Saturday, June 22, 2024

Trump Seems To Be Hiding Something As He Blows Off Financial Disclosure Deadline

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Trump isn’t turning in his required personal disclosure forms for his presidential campaign which leads to the suspicion that he is still trying to hide his financial details.

The New York Times reported:

The personal financial disclosure will eventually provide the first look at Mr. Trump’s post-presidential businesses, including his holdings in Truth Social, the social media company he helped create.

“President Trump has significant financial holdings, and we have advised the Federal Election Commission that additional time is needed to file his financial disclosure report,” Steven Cheung, a spokesman for Mr. Trump, said in a statement.

The US financial disclosure laws are so weak that it is only a $200 fee for Trump missing the deadline, so the fact that Donald Trump broke another law is irrelevant unless a larger discussion is held about the need to strengthen US campaign finance laws.

Beyond the notion that Trump still thinks that he is above the law even after being arrested and arraigned for potentially committing 34 felonies if the former president was swimming in money and doing personally well, he would have not only filed the forms but bragged about them non-stop all of the time.

The absence of the disclosure forms suggests that Trump is hiding something, and with the possibility of more financial criminal charges lurking, Donald Trump seems to be trying to dodge more accountability.

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