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Trump Supporter Spreads Bonkers Conspiracy Theory that the Deep State is Making a Snow Storm to Hurt Trump

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Trump supporter Laura Loomer thinks that the deep state has created the snow storm in Iowa to hurt Donald Trump. Unfortunately, these bonkers “theories” start out with the Laura Loomers of the Right and soon find themselves being parroted by conservative media and Republican voters. After all, she has 780.6K followers on Twitter.

Before we dive into Loomer’s “thoughts” such as they are, it’s important to note that she says she has been “banned permanently on Instagram and Facebook since 2019 because Facebook said she was a terrorist and a “DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL.” Naturally, she is on Elon Musk’s X, where she poses as a journalist (she was a former Project Veritas “operative”) who announces “Scoops” that are previously known news pieces like polls she didn’t conduct, amidst general conspiracy theories and rage posting at “establishment” Republicans.

Loomer thinks, and I use that word ironically, that the deep state created this snow storm to hurt Donald Trump and help Nikki Haley.

“Is the Deep State activating HAARP to disrupt the Iowa Caucus?

We all know @NikkiHaley has a lot of friends in the defense industry and Military industrial complex. She’s losing in Iowa, and now Iowa is set to get hit with a ONCE IN A DECADE blizzard as Donald Trump is set to dominate the Iowa Caucus.

Is the Deep State using HAARP to rig the Iowa Caucus?

Looks like weather manipulation to me.

Take a look at this weather radar below and how the incoming snow storm accelerated out of nowhere. 👇🏻”

Musk has yet to kill Community Notes, and so Loomer got Community Noted so that other posters would know that, actually, HAARP can’t create snow storms: “HAARP was the name of a military-run operation to study the upper atmosphere. It is now running as a part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and never had the ability to create snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.”

Put those sharpies away, Trump supporters. They can’t make hurricanes, either.

What’s all this about? It’s cover for the reality that Trump advisers are concerned that the subzero temperatures and snow storm will impact his large lead in Iowa and they’ve been working to lower expectations.

“However, his advisers in recent days have privately acknowledged that his lead in Iowa will likely be impacted by the subzero temperatures expected on caucus day. Now, they’re working to try and lower expectations — with Trump himself, but also with the media and general voters — about the former president’s anticipated lead on January 15,” CNN reported Friday.

There’s always got to be an excuse for Trump, so this time, Loomer is planting the seed that if he fails to bring in the expected lead, it’s because Nikki Haley got the military-industrial complex to make a snow storm to help her beat Trump. While this flimsy excuse is based on an already debunked conspiracy theory, what’s even more interesting is the idea that this snow storm won’t hurt Nikki Haley but will hurt Donald Trump.

In actuality, Trump himself told supporters in Newton, Iowa last weekend that while it’s going to be cold, they need to show up, and he also said that the cold would be good for him because Haley and DeSantis supporters don’t have enough enthusiasm to buoy them through bad weather.

“Weather is not gonna keep our people away, it’s gonna keep their people away,” Trump said.

The truth is the bad weather will impact turnout, but Trump has a large lead and it’s also true that his supporters are much more attached to him. They have literally gone to jail to carry out his whims.

One day, political scientists will have to work with psychologists to study the minds of Trump supporters who believe this nonsensical and rather pathetic excuse for his potential failure, as well as believing he won an election he clearly lost and spent months in court trying to fight only to lose because the evidence didn’t support his hysteria.

If someone tells you that you can’t trust anyone but them and only the sources they tell you are good, which just so happens to all be in their corner, you should run in the opposite direction. If they blame manufactured snow storms for their potential PR failures, well… don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

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