Trump Supporter Touts Trump Christian Values As Former President Faces 75 Felony Counts

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A Trump supporter outside of his Erie, PA rally said that he supports Trump because he is ‘for the people,’ cuts taxes, and he likes his ‘Christian values.’

The supporter said, “I like Trump as a person. I know some really good friends of his, and he’s for the American people like he said. I think most importantly I like his lower taxes and his Christian values that he stands for the unborn and all of that.”


Guy at Trump rally in Erie, PA today is asked why he supports Trump: “I like Trump as a person. Most importantly, I like his christian values.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) July 29, 2023

Joe Biden goes to church every weekend. Donald Trump stops by a church after he is done playing golf. Trump fell apart recently in Iowa when a voter asked him about his faith because he has no faith. Donald Trump is to Christian values what McDonald’s is to healthy eating.

Watch the clip of the Trump supporter above, and you’ll quickly understand why it doesn’t matter how many times Donald Trump is indicted or what he is charged with.

Either his supporters don’t know, or it is more likely that they don’t care that Trump mocks Christians behind closed doors and views them as a special interest group that must be bought off.

Trump is a faith fraud, and many of these people who claim to be Christians but also support Trump are also frauds.

Either they are in on the con and are part of it, or these supposed Christians are enabling a grifter’s grift.

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