Trump Tells Iowa Town To Get Over School Shooting

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While speaking in Iowa, Trump reacted to the Perry school shooting by saying that it was horrible, but it will just have to be gotten over.

Trump Tells Perry, Iowa To Get Over School Shooting

Video of Trump:

Trump on Iowa’s deadly school shooting yesterday: It’s horrible but we have to get over it

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) January 5, 2024

Trump said, “It’s horrible to see that happening. Just horrible. So surprised to see that happening here, but we’ll just have to get over it.”

Trump’s remarks came after a 17-year-old Perry High School student opened fire, killing a sixth grader and wounding four other people before taking his own life.

The difference in approach to gun violence between Biden and Trump could not be more clear. On Friday, Biden marked the 500th dangerous person who was denied access to purchasing a gun by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. On the same day, Donald Trump went to Iowa and told a grieving town that they had to get over a mass shooting at their local high school.

Democrats want to do something about mass shootings and gun violence, and Republicans want to do nothing. Trump is running for president for Trump. He doesn’t care about mass shootings in Iowa. His main priority is winning and avoiding a federal felony conviction.

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