Saturday, June 15, 2024

Trump Walks Away When Asked If He Has Any Legislation For Border

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Reporters asked Donald Trump if he had any legislative ideas for the border, and he answered by walking away.

Trump delivered his usual talking points about taking care of the border, and then walked away while ignoring a question from a reporter about having any legislative ideas for the border.


Reporter: Do you have any legislation ideas for the border?

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Trump, who killed the bipartisan deal to secure the border: *ignores and walks away*

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) February 29, 2024

The only ideas that Trump has for anything involve how he can destroy democracy to stay in the White House forever, and how he can personally profit off of the presidency.

Nothing has changed. Donald Trump has never had a practical legislative idea in his life. Joe Biden is coming to the border to lay blame at the feet of Trump for killing a bipartisan bill. Donald Trump is coming to the border for a photo op.

Eagle Pass residents don’t want Trump in their community, but being unwanted has never stopped Trump in the past.

There is no point outside of election politics to Trump’s border visit, and his walking away confirms that the Trump campaign is about nothing, but Trump.

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