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Trump Was Basically Running An Illegal Pill Mill Out Of The White House

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A Department of Defense report found that the White House pharmacy was handing out controlled substances illegally to staff when Trump was president.

Rolling Stone reported:

Through in-person inspections and interviews with over 120 officials, the report concluded “that the White House Medical Unit provided a wide range of health care and pharmaceutical services to ineligible White House staff in violation of Federal law and regulation and DoD policy. Additionally, the White House Medical Unit dispensed prescription medications, including controlled substances, to ineligible White House staff.”

One witness told the DoD OIG that pharmacy staff regularly prepared go-bags of prescription medication to White House staff in advance of overseas trips. “One of our requirements was to go ahead and make packets up for the controlled medications. And those would typically be Ambien or Provigil and typically both,” the witness said. “So we would normally make these packets of Ambien and Provigil, and a lot of times they’d be in like five tablets in a zip‑lock bag. And so traditionally, too, we would hand these out.”

The report also found that medication would be left out in bins for people to stop by and pick up.

The medicine in the bins was over-the-counter medicine, but there is no pharmacy in the country that hands out medication without a prescription and allows people to come and take over-the-counter medicines with no questions asked.

The intentional breaking of the law and the lack of recordkeeping are hallmarks of anything run by Donald Trump. Trump’s concept of power is that a president is above the law, and this attitude is held by the people who work for Trump, too.

Donald Trump was keeping his staff drugged up and running an illegal pill mill out of the White House. The bulk of the violations at the White House pharmacy occurred from 2017-2019, which were the first three years of the Trump presidency.

Members of the Trump administration being on drugs would explain a lot. It is also a good reason to make sure that they are never in the White House again.

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