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Trump Went To Dairy Queen And Didn’t Know What A Blizzard Was

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Former President Donald Trump tried to pull another one of his fake people buy people stuff stunts, but when he went to a Dairy Queen in Iowa, the former president didn’t know what a Blizzard was.


President @realDonaldTrump ordering Blizzards at local Iowa Dairy Queen!

— Margo Martin (@margommartin) July 7, 2023

Trump said, “Anybody wants a Blizzard. What the hell is a Blizzard, and take care of the people, ok. And we’ll do the Blizzard thing.”

Donald Trump pulled this same stunt as recently as right after his arraignment for felonies in the classified docs case. Trump went to a bakery and promised to treat everyone but then left before anyone could place an order.

Not knowing what a Blizzard is does not exactly scream man of the people who shares your values and understands your life.

Trump is the uncle who came to your birthday party as a kid, was confused by the ice cream cake, tells everybody that he brought you a great gift that he left in his car, leaves while you are blowing out the candles, and gives you nothing.

Donald Trump is a mess. Watching him campaign in his current state is almost said. Even sadder is the fact that he is running away with the Republican presidential nomination.

Democrats should have some fun with this. George H.W. Bush was knocked during the 1992 campaign for being amazed by a grocery store barcode scanner. However, history shows that Bush 41 might have gotten a bad rap.

Given Donald Trump’s eating habits, one would assume that there isn’t a type of fast food with which he isn’t intimately familiar.

Trump is trying his regular billionaire shtick, but that ship has sailed, and now he is the guy who is yelling at a DQ in Iowa.

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