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Trump’s Cognitive Decline Appears To Spread To Peter Doocy

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Just like Trump, Peter Doocy got former president Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden’s names crossed up.


Peter Doocy is in cognitive decline

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 14, 2023

Doocy began his question by asking if President O’Biden is okay?

Spokesperson John Kirby said, “Yes, he is.”

Doocy then stumbled to laughter in the briefing room as he tried to recover, as he even seemed to be laughing at his gaffe.

Donald Trump appears not to know that Barack Obama is not the current president. Trump has claimed on social media that he was being sarcastic all of the times that he claimed that Obama is president right now.

On a deeper level, are Republicans confusing Obama and Biden, because they are afraid that they can’t beat Biden just like they failed to beat Obama? Cognitive decline and not knowing who the president currently is seems to be spreading through the Republican Party.

A collective cognitive issue could be the best explanation for why so many Republicans continue to support Donald Trump.

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