Trump’s Super PAC Slush Fund Is Virtually Broke

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Donald Trump’s super PAC has spent so much on legal bills that they are virtually broke and can’t afford money for campaign ads.

The New York Times reported:

Former President Donald J. Trump’s political action committee, which began last year with $105 million, now has less than $4 million left in its account after paying tens of millions of dollars in legal fees for Mr. Trump and his associates.

The dwindling cash reserves in Mr. Trump’s PAC, called Save America, have fallen to such levels that the group has made the highly unusual request of a $60 million refund of a donation it had previously sent to a pro-Trump super PAC. This money had been intended for television commercials to help Mr. Trump’s candidacy, but as he is the dominant front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024, his most immediate problems appear to be legal, not political.

If only Republicans had a formidable candidate with lots of money running against Trump who could take advantage of the former president’s inability to spend on his campaign. Republicans have no such candidate. Instead, they have Ron DeSantis. Gov. DeSantis has loads of campaign resources to work with, but he is a human faceplant each time he attempts to interact on the campaign trail.

This is how it is going to be for Republicans. Trump is going to divert massive amounts of money that should be for his presidential campaign to pay legal bills, and who will benefit from this situation?

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party will benefit. People forget that one of the many reasons that Trump lost in 2020 was that his campaign ran out of money.

The same thing is happening again in 2024. 

Donald Trump is already running out of cash because he is facing 75 felony charges.

Those charges aren’t going away, which is why Democrats should be ready to benefit from what will probably be another underfunded Trump campaign.

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