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White House Slams House GOP for Subservience to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Impeachment Priorities

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House Republicans’ fevered effort of prosecute first and hope you find evidence later led to Monday’s ever worsening clown-car-over-the-cliff feel as Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) pressed on to say that the real scandal was President Biden’s son repaying a $4140.00 car loan. Yes, I’m afraid this is what Republicans offer to buttress their unsupported claims when they started their impeachment effort in September that Biden was guilty of taking $5 million in bribes from foreign entities.

Unless every parent who buys their adult kid a car and is repaid for it is guilty of taking a bribe from a foreign entity, this is not only weak sauce, but is so nakedly pathetic it has become the butt of endless jokes with parents responding with comments like, ‘We bought our kid a car in 2018! See you in the slammer!’

The White House responded Tuesday morning with what reads like a weary wonder over the willingness of House Republicans to continue making absolute fools of themselves in their attempts to appease former president Donald Trump by manufacturing “evidence” to justify impeaching President Biden.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene may be clamoring for the House to proceed to impeachment, but numerous House Republicans have already gone on record that the evidence just doesn’t back it up. Americans already overwhelmingly believe House Republicans are prioritizing the wrong things, and any vote to move ahead with MTG’s favorite pastime would reveal that she is truly calling the shots in this extreme House Republican conference,” White House Spokesperson for Oversight and Investigations Ian Sams said in a statement sent to us.

He continued, pointing out that House Republicans are ignoring the issues that most Americans want them to be addressing: “All these House Republicans and their colleagues should answer for why they would change tune now and go along with her baseless exercise to smear President Biden when their allegations have already been thoroughly fact-checked and debunked, instead of focusing on the issues they claimed they would prioritize when they ran for office, like lowering inflation, growing the economy, and strengthening national security.”

Rep. Greene (R-GA) is going so hard on impeachment because she is Donald Trump’s wingman in the House. She’s there to make sure his petty retributions are carried out and to amplify Q-Anon conspiracies that keep the base engaged and enthralled to the 4 times indicted for 91 felony counts former president. To be fair, that’s a lot of work. But it is not the work for which she is paid by the people. It is campaign work that should be funded by the Trump campaign.

It’s exhausting chasing after each and every accusation made by House Republicans, which have so far all been debunked after thorough fact checks. This is a good place to remind readers that the impeachment process isn’t supposed to be ‘Toss crap at the wall to see what sticks’ — but rather, impeachment is a remedy offered based on solid evidence that a president has committed “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Buying an adult son a truck and said son paying it back in 2018 does not qualify. This huge scandal of a son repaying a loan also happened during a time when Joe Biden was neither Vice President nor President. He wasn’t even running for office. And actually, what is being highlighted here inadvertently is what a good father Joe Biden is and also that Hunter Biden was trying to get his life straight by repaying a loan.

The White House is currently run by a man who has been in public service almost his entire adult career. He has a reputation for working hard, which makes sense because he comes from a middle class background, where people know they aren’t going to be handed anything for free.

You can imagine that this man, our President, is none too amused to see the House of Representatives run around like slavish devotees of the Marjorie Taylor Greene conspiracy-laden brand of do-nothing-but-set-fires-and-then-use-fire-to-extort-entire-government-into-wasting-money-and-time “conservatism.”

Add to this level of frustration the fact that House Republicans are not only refusing to do the work for which they are paid by you, but the only work they willing to do is making up stories to appease the MTG faction.

Just weeks ago, House Republicans had to be rescued by Democrats in order to pass a spending bill to avoid yet another self-inflicted government shutdown threat. Then they were forced to deal with now former Representative George Santos due to the growing list of alleged crimes (Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, False Statements, Falsification of Records, Aggravated Identity Theft, and Credit Card Fraud) and ethics violations of which he is accused. Meanwhile, they’ve been fighting among themselves so much they’re already unhappy with newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Beware, parents of the United States. You may loan your adult children money, but they must not pay you back. Do not raise responsible children and do not expect grown adults to repay loans, or else House Republicans might impeach you.

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