Fani Willis Destroys The Trump Claim That She Conspired With The 1/6 Committee

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During a Georgia Trump RICO case hearing, Fulton County DA Fani Willis debunked Trump’s claim that her office conspired with the 1/6 Committee.

Anna Bower of CNN tweeted:

Wade: Everything shared or discussed in meeting with J6C investigators was ultimately publicly released.

Sadow wants to know if there were notes taken during that meeting that could be supplied to court for in chambers review to determine if the notes need to be turned over.

— Anna Bower (@AnnaBower) January 12, 2024

The idea that all of the prosecutions and charges against those who participated in the plot to overturn the 2020 are a giant conspiracy that Joe Biden and congressional Democrats ran has been a favorite talking point of Trump and others in his orbit.

The reality is that this claim has no truth to it, and when asked to provide specific evidence, these allegations crumble faster than James Comer while trying to defend Biden impeachment.

The information that prosecutors discussed with the 1/6 Committee became part of the public record. There is no hidden evidence. The 1/6 Committee did not destroy evidence as Trump has falsely claimed.

Trump is looking for reasons, any reason that he hopes will fool voters into believing that he is being prosecuted for anything other than his own actions.

There is no vast conspiracy. There is just a corrupt former president who attempted to overthrow an election that he lost.

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